Officer Crankshaft (Female)

femalecropOfficer Crankshaft (Female) – Our realistically uniformed cop arrives to arrest the perpetrator of over 100 unpaid parking tickets (copies of which he has in hand). As the encounter continues it becomes obvious that there has been some misunderstanding and in actuality the Officer is here to apprehend the person of honor for “reckless aging” (for birthdays) or to present the recipient with an outstanding citizen’s award.  While wrapping the special person in caution tape, Officer breaks into song expounding on the special event of the day, presenting the celebrant with a party hat and a horn to blow should they ever need to get the officer to come running. Your personal message, written on our special telegram, is read. Finally the Officer leads the crowd in a resounding familiar tune to commemorate the occasion. Male Officers are also available.  $249.00